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 Imagine if some Martians land in the Earth and try to write a dictionary about humans based on their own observation. They would see things differently from humans as they observe it from outside using their own logic. This dictionary is the result of such an observation. It tries to define the words in a different way from the ordinary dictionaries. It has a humorous and at the same time a criticising look at the concepts behind each word we use. This dictionary shows the differences in cultures, traditions and rules around the world in a subtle way.   

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Introduction by the author 

As a migrant from the East to the West who graduated, with a linguist background, I was always fascinated with the power of language in daily human life as well as in the human history on the Earth. As much as we know languages are invented by humans to communicate their thoughts, feelings, emotions and intentions to other humans. However, this means of communication has not always been successful. The evidence for such miscommunication is the existence of so many disagreements and wars both individually and collectively among humans. If humans could understand each other well through languages, so many of wars throughout history could be avoided.


The reason for compiling this specific dictionary was that after migration to Australia, I suddenly found myself as an alien in the Western culture and language. Having an academic and linguistic background and teaching in Australia, I observed the differences, and was amazed how people are different in a our small planet. The difference between the place I was born and raised with the place I migrated was as much as the difference between Mars and The Earth, and thus, I thought about writing a Martian-Earthly dictionary!


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